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Body Beauty Slimming Coffee
Body Beauty Slimming Coffee
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Details: Body Beauty Slimming Coffee contains clinically proven ingredients to reduce body weight and increase lean muscle mass.
Those who are taking it for a week generally reduce 5 pounds. Those who want to speed the effect please add some amount of exercise which has a better effect.

How Brazilliam Slimming Coffee to be induction reducing heat in the body?
When the energy we intake is exceeding the needs of the body, the carbohydrates absorbed by the human body will be broken down into the mixture citrate, and then will be generated to be acetyl coenzyme A by citrate lyase, that is the intermediate of the fat synthesis, Brazil Slimming Coffee is through inhibiting the activity of citrate lyase in the cells and blocking the formation of acetyl coenzyme A, the fat synthesis can be inhibited and it accelerate the burning of the fatty acid, and in addition, the excess carbohydrates can not be transformed to be fat under the action of the "Brazillina slimming coffee", which will be in the form of glycogen stored in the liver, and be burned (oxidized) through the movement of the human body.

Active ingredients:

Brazil virgin forest small grain black coffee with pure natural herbs and herbal extracts:
Caffeine is metabolized in the liver by the cytochrome P450 oxidase enzyme system (to be specific, the 1A2 isozyme) into three metabolic dimethylxanthines, each of which has its own effects on the body.

Specification: 10g/bag X 18bags

Applications: Simple obesity, adolescence obesity, postpartum obesity

Inapplicability: Children and gestational period.

Directions: One bag daily in the morning, 15 minutes before breakfast or lunch, put a bag of coffee in a glass container or plastic container, then put 100ml of hot water, mix evenly and drink.E

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