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Green Slimming Reduces Fat slimming capsules
Green Slimming Reduces Fat slimming capsules
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Details: Green Slimming Reduces Fat capsule is pure natural plant using herbs as the main materal, the use of modern advanced technology development. China supper star recommed best weight loss slimming capsule.

Green Slimming Reduces Fat capsule adopt kinds of nature plants as material, according to modern biological technology, research out new reduce fat production, through human body function experiment, it turns out that: the body adipose metabolization speed up 28 times.

Green Slimming Reduces Fat capsule can quickly remove the adipose on lumbar abdomen,legs, arms and face.The production will not because of gender differences, the fatter you are the obvious effect that you will lose weight, it is suitable for kinds of fat person. Slimming body best choice.

[Main Ingredients] hawthorn, aloe, lotus,he shou wu,the extract of Oolong Tea,Huang Shi, Konjac purified powder

[Availability] fat people

[Unavailability] Children, Pregnant women, Lactating women and the chronic diarrhea

[Usage and Dosage] once a day,1 pill each time,taken with water before breakfast.

[Specification] 0.4g x 30Capsule

[Period of Validity] 24 months

[Storage] Store under shade environment without direct sunlight

[Cautions] The product can't substitute medicine

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