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Drinking slimming coffee can reduce weight or not ?

If only drink black coffee can reduce weight oh. Really can cause get fat is when drinking coffee with sugar and cream. If afraid of fat, it is recommended to use milk and sugar to take the place of health! 1, 30 minutes to 1 hour after lunch, to taste a cup of coffee without sugar and a partner, help digestion after a meal, and promote fat burning. 2, before coming off work, and then drink a cup of coffee, and comply with walking. The key to slimming coffee 1, do not add sugar: if you're not used to the bitter taste of coffee, you can add a little milk, but don't be sugar, because sugar could interfere with the decomposition of fat. 2 more effective than ice coffee, hot coffee, hot coffee can help you burn the calories faster. 3, shallow the coffee that spends bake is the most effective: the coffee with bake high temperature, although flavour is full-bodied, but coffeine content is less, is not conducive to lose weight, and taste is the weak American coffee is more advantageous to lose weight

To male your leg slimming we should to see the following Thin le

Many women for his legs are not very satisfied, always upset why isn't there a pair of long thin legs, because of the leg muscles are hard to lose, but if the movement is not scientific thigh muscles will agglomerate instead, how do the targeted to lose leg fat? Let the famous pilates instructor to teach, teach you how to thin leg fat!!!! Want to thin leg sister don't want to miss! (click on the image to the next page) Action 1: bridge ready for action Lay back down on the ground, right leg knee bend your knees pointing to the ceiling, left leg bent close to the ground, the arch with right leg ankle, hands up, pointing to the ceiling. Steps: hip to the service as a bridge, tighten buttocks, knees apart, the knees toward the ceiling to the legs and buttocks push up, then down and returned to pose. Slowly repeat 10 to 15 times, then change to the other side to repeat the same action. Note: pay attention to separate knees and raise hips, this movement can achieve tight gluteal muscle and the effect of the rotator. Action 2: kick action for action Side, the side legs and knees bent, upper leg is straight forward. Action 3: lunges balance ready for action Standing on one foot, the other leg bend your knees, on a supporting leg knee and legs knees and feet facing forward. Steps: head stand, hands supporting the arch from the lift. Lunges forward, touching the floor with bending legs again, and then returned to the ready position. Slowly repeat 10 times, then change to the other side. Note: note that ass lunges, and keep your back straight. When return to balance position head upright, hands are lowered to below the belly. This movement can exercise the muscles of the hips and the whole leg, can also train control and explosive. Steps: raise oscillating upper leg to a circle, and then put down, put down after side leg, raised his swing back again, back to ready for action. Repeat 10 times, then change to the other side. Note: keep your legs up to just below the waist line, and shoulder against the ground to keep body balance. Can achieve rotator muscles with exercise and gluteal muscle and lateral axis of agglomeration effect. Action 4: side kicking preparation The lateral forearm support ground, knees peg-leg, keep dangling belly, shoulders relaxed, support arm pressure on the mat. Steps: legs straight, raise the hips, propping up the body with your arms and feet. To stretch the upper arm. The upper leg and hip level. Drop your legs and hips, back to ready for action. Slowly repeat 10 times, then change to the other side. Note: pay attention to when raise hips at the same time, promote the forearm and raise the lower abdomen. When raise the upper legs, under side of the leg is pushed down. This movement will exercise the hip muscles and integrated axis of the body and the stability of the shoulder, let the body get strengthen training at a time.

3 kinds of thin leg scheme

Takeaway: because the leg is coarse, always being on the set of "elephant legs" and "turnip leg" of the title? Small make up teach you three thin leg today plan, let you restore slender legs. (click on the image to the next page) Three-step fuck "ma bu" or horse stance just look No1, thin leg fuck fuck. "ma bu" or horse stance just look Step1, two legs open, stride length between the feet slightly greater than shoulder width, waist straight, abdomen in tall, shoulders down, her hands rested on her hips. Around the Step2, bend your knees to the side, the hip vertical sinking crouch, thigh and calf into 90 degrees. Step3, keep the leg and upper body posture and balance, two feet stand, heel off the ground for 5 seconds, repeat 5 times. Air bike fuck No2, thin leg exercise bicycle exercise - air Step1, lie in bed, his legs bend your knees up 90 degrees, 30 seconds. Step2, trample bicycle hit 100 times in the air. Second, the massage technique Massage a thin thighs No1, thin leg massage technique - the thigh Step1, hands alternately along the medial and lateral respectively, from the ankles to the thigh root massage legs around each repeat this movement 30 times. Step2, hands like twist towel against fat thighs, legs around each repeat this movement 30 times. Step3, hands alternating flap forcibly thigh fat, around two legs to repeat this action each 30 times, until the thigh feels sore. Massage a thin legs No2, thin leg massage - calf Step: hands alternately by the ankle to the knee, calf massage from bottom to top, left and right legs each repeat this movement 30 times. With stomach gently stretch crus inside to knead knead by 30 times, the strength can be slightly bigger, but also hold a few times. Around the legs, repeat the action. If the strength is not enough, but his hands in action in the same leg. Note: both hands hold the legs, should from the inner to the outer push press, applying pressure with their thumb and finger side push, to help fat movement to eliminate edema, etc, to massage. Massage when holding with the palm knee medial, thumb press the lymphatic acupuncture points on either side of the knee, can be appropriately reduced power when feel pain massage lymphatic acupoints can also gently pressed around a circle, is advantageous to the toxins from the body of waste discharge. Third, thin leg diet No1, evening eat less starch Dinner or a snack to eat large amounts of starch, the lack of calories activity with time, gathered will form the fat cells, especially a large number of hoarding in the lower body, turnip leg also sad about forming! No2, several kinds of food the more you have, the more thin legs Laver, sesame, banana, apple, red bean, papayas, watermelon, tomato, egg, konjac, spinach, celery, peanuts, kiwi fruit, contains rich cellulose and minerals, and can help a platoon walk along the trash inside the body of accumulated water, and accept thin leg effect. No3 - and standing up after dinner Habit of a lot of people after dinner sit on the chair. But in this case, would be easy to raise XiaoDu bellies. So after dinner is a good idea to stand more than 15 minutes and then sat down and can prevent the fat on the belly.

How to thin thighs

Fat type a: thick thighs muscle to fat Positive: more for sports girls legs features. Suddenly stopped after a lot of movement, as a result of muscle tissue without old movement, gradually converted to fat. So, to solve this problem, need quite a long time. How thin thighs: recovery exercise habits or practice "leg work" Stand on feet tandem, heel lift. Be vertical and bending the legs, but upper and heel. Stand feet apart, then bend your knees, also follow bent forward. Hip cock, but the back must be straight. Hands should stick a wall to stand, feet together. One leg back up, trying to make the heel touch the buttocks. This leg work is like this: each action do 20 to 25, once every other day. A few weeks later, the six action how to do it again, which means the six action done, rest 60 to 90 seconds, long again. If you have time, can do four or five times a week. Fat thick thighs type 2: inadequate sports relaxation Back: with the increase of age, fat accumulation. But the main cause of muscle relaxation is lack of exercise. How thin thighs: in order to keep a good bottom line, to give you every day movement. Stretching is thighs fit one of the most effective way. Two hang arm, a leg knee squat, back straight, the other leg back, until the parallel to the ground; Or in the same place, the other leg unbend, sideways until and body into 90 - degree Angle, try to do on each leg 3 groups (each group of 10) this kind of movement. This exercise can also stand for the body, one leg and keep your body straight, the other leg stretch backwards and sideways, make legs straight and parallel to the ground. Leg movements can also be side, flat on the bed or on the floor body side, one leg is close to the floor, the other a leg up, until the legs and body into a 45 degree Angle, then put the legs on 45 degree Angle support in a table or chair, lift up on the floor again on the leg with the legs together. The exercise can strengthen the inside and outside of the thigh muscles, rather than in the past only exercise the lateral muscles, so as to keep the thigh of balance and symmetry.

Eat what food when Constipation

Constipation eat what good apple 1 apple abluent, every day to eat with the skin, can prevent constipation. With the skin to eat every day 4, 5, modulation of stubborn sex constipation. Daily on an empty stomach 1 ~ 2 in the morning and at night, can be modulation habitual constipation. Apple powder 6 grams, on an empty stomach to take eating with warm water, 3 times daily, used for modulation habitual constipation. Will apple peeled, sliced, with water decocting, with 30 grams of honey tone, 3 ~ 4 times daily, or modulation habitual constipation; The banana Four bananas, sugar right amount. The banana peel, add rock sugar to steam cooked. Every time 1, 2 times a day, even the food 2, can be modulation (qi and Yin deficiency type constipation. 250 grams of banana, eating before sleep. Or 1 ~ 2 banana, sugar is right amount, after the banana peel, and crystal sugar water stew cooked together, l ~ 2 times a day, even the food for days, used for other types of constipation modulation. Banana is 1 ~ 2, each on an empty stomach, effective for stool stem node. Daily morning eat bananas 1 ~ 2, or 2 banana peel after stewed food, daily 1 time, can be used for constipation merger and hemorrhoids, anal fissure bleeding; pear Sydney 250 ~ 500 grams, 1 time per mouth, eat on an empty stomach every night, suitable for hot secret type constipation. 1 pear, 30 grams of maren, decoction juice, add a little honey, braise, 1 ~ 2 times a day, also is used to heat the secret type constipation; Sugar cane Sugar cane juice 150 ml, red jujube 5 pieces, 3 dried persimmon. Red jujube denuclearization, dried persimmon to tiffany, wash, with sugar cane juice porcelain, lie between water simmer for 1 hour, drink 15 ml each time, 3 times a day, even drink 3. Adjustable pediatric milk food retention hysteresis type constipation. 1 a small handleless wine cup sugar cane juice, honey, sugar drink daily on an empty stomach in the morning and at night. Honey or sugar cane juice 50 ml, 30 ml, mix, 1 in the morning and at night times a day, drinking on an empty stomach. Or directly edible sugar cane. Both can be used in the modulation of other types of constipation.

Constipation people diet attention matters

Constipation diet attention matters 1, the quantity of eating enough food is directly related to shit, eating too little, defecate is formed of composition, stool quantity is less. Intestinal not modest filling, peristalsis is abate, easy to cause constipation. So, all should consume a certain amount of food every day, to facilitate the formation of shit. 2, a diet rich in fiber fiber in the gut, not easy to be absorbed after the moisture is absorbed, the rest of the food waste becomes a shit. To form enough shit, therefore, should eat more foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits and so on. There are also some people daily food intake, but defecate or constipation, tell from the food causes, may eat too fine. Too fine food, after absorb the moisture and nutrients to the rest of the dross less, is not conducive to form shit, is often one of the causes of constipation. 3, adequate intake of water water is an essential part of the body material, for people with constipation tends to consume plenty of water is more important. Water lubricates the bowel, but also involved in the formation of the stool, and make defecate bate, to facilitate delivery. If water less, often dry and hard stool, therefore, should absorb enough water every day. 4, action into oily food oil can meet the needs of the body fat, also can promote the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, there are certain lubrication intestinal function. Everyday can be appropriately to eat oily food, for patients with constipation, necessity is even greater. But be aware that too much of high fat diet is not appropriate. How to prevent constipation 1, must have the right amount of fiber in your diet. 2, want to have a certain amount of vegetables and fruit every day, morning and evening on an empty stomach eating an apple, or eat bananas 1-3 before every meal. 3, staple food, don't be too careful, appropriate eat more roughage. 4, morning rises hollow drink a cup of pale salt water or honey water, cooperate with abdominal massage or waist, and let the water in the vibration of intestines and stomach, enhance aperient effect. All day should drink more cold water to help runchang purge. 5, proper physical activities, strengthen physical exercise, such as bow legs, to lie on your back squat stand, bike, etc can strengthen the abdominal movement, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help to promote bowel movements. 6, every night before bed, massage abdomen, nurturance the habit of defecate. 7, keep happy, life is regular.

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