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Female white-collar libido reduce of real reasons

Why did the woman live in the city than in rural women desire to low? Does city conditions affected them? What is the reason, let's take a look at the six reasons: Living conditions Live in a chaotic, poor ventilation, too crowded environment, not only can lead to mood is not beautiful, but because of a shortage of indoor fresh air, cause lack of oxygen to the brain, affect sexual function, make sexual desire is reduced. Especially for generations living together one room, or slept in a bed with their children, can form invisible psychological pressure, easy to cause a loss of libido. Season, the temperature According to the survey, in the low temperature of winter and spring seasons, most people desire is stronger, especially in the spring season is considered courtship, and hot summer, sexual desire is often temporarily reduced. Part of women's sexual desire and closely related to menstrual cycle, often a few days before menstruation sexual enhancement, part of a week or so after a sudden strong. Most women sexual desire some loss during the pregnancy. Men's sexual desire is cyclical changes, but most of the less obvious. age This is the important factors that affect sexual desire. Man after puberty sexual peak period, at the age of 30 to 40 began to abate, since the 50 s, less obvious, but most can maintain to 70 years, or longer. Women's sexual peak until 30 to 40 years old, gradually subside after menopause, weakened significantly since 60 s. mood When the person is in a bad mood, decreased libido to temporarily, especially in extreme sorrow, horror, depression, and despair that bad condition, sexual desire is subject to significant effect, and even can be completely lost. In view of this, the lover in a bad mood, the first question is to help avoid bad mood, he or she completes the psychological care, at this time should not be having sex. If love barely cope, not only arouses the pleasant sensation, also easy to cause sexual apathy, and will damage the relationship. nutrition Nutrition is the material basis of sex. The research results show that the lack of protein and zinc, and other important elements, can lead to decreased sexual function, especially heavy influence on man. Instead, adequate, complete nutrition, especially eat more food containing high-quality protein, vitamins and zinc, maintain normal levels of sexual dysfunction. > > > analysis before and after sex between men and women of the "problem" Addicted to alcohol, tobacco, Long-term heavy smoking compared with nonsmokers, were more likely to lead to impotence. Long-term drinking can make decreased sexual function, sexual desire drops. According to research, a large number of drinking can cause vasodilation, blood flow to the penis and anhedonia, resulting in decreased libido. But the smoke and alcohol affect sexual function is reversible, after quitting cigarettes, alcohol and most human nature function can gradually returned to normal level.

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