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From morning began to lose weight tips in the early morning

Get up from 1. Don't jump out of bed this morning, and should fully stretch, adjust the night the skew of the body. 2. Inhale and summoned the stomach at the same time, the mouth at the same time, tighten up abdomen, you repeat the abdominal breathing for 3 times, and let each part of the body to absorb oxygen in fresh. 3. Since demonstrated about four refers to the distance below the belly button, the circle clockwise massage help awaken viscera, at the same time can improve constipation. Get up to drink water can help detoxification Many female stars reveal their beauty can be talked about in the morning to drink a large glass of water, when the folk prescription can eliminate dropsy! Because of in the night before last may eat too alkaline or drinking too much water, don't sleep for a night out, get up early in the morning after drinking a large glass of water, help to quick micturition. Even if is in during the weight loss, should consume at least 2000 ml of water per day, to maintain normal operation, eliminate waste in the body. In addition, the current popular trace elements in mineral water, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, no heat, and can effectively complement nutrition, is also a good choice. 07:30 to brush your teeth 4. When brushing your teeth with an open mouth as far as possible, as time passes can make more pointed chin. 5. Brush the front teeth, open the mouth horizontal to maximum limit, so can effectively prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. 6. Water gargle, summon up about oral and churn flow back and forth, can exercise facial muscle get little face effect. 07:45 blow a hair 7. When you use the blower hair, as far as possible will be above your head, and keep all the hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen gesture. Look from flank, elbow to open as much as possible. Thin body trackwork, efficacy significantly Do morning exercise every day, not only can make people get a day's work to study properly, but also can maintain strong and handsome body, eliminate excess fat. But if you want to see the obvious effect, an important condition is to "stick to". Recommend a set of setting-up exercise: Body back stretch type: Stand, lift on your arms, like a yawn, but to increase the amplitude. Such as lying in bed, usable and positioned on the head side edge (or two arms holding the body on both sides of the bed surface), single leg or legs at the same time in order straight knee lift a leg up. Faster when the lifts, fall slightly slower. Do 20 to 30 times. Helps to reduce excess belly fat, strengthen abdominal muscle, increase the elasticity of abdominal muscle. Lie on your back carry buttock type: Bed to lie on your back, bend your knees, knees together, legs apart slightly narrower than wide, two arms unbend (palm down) at your side. , two legs are apart, and the body center of gravity moved to the shoulder to shoulder, inhaling carry buttock, pause. Exhale, hips slowly down, restore. Practice more than 20 times. To reduce the waist, hip fat and fat, waist, hip muscle strength, strong waist kidney is very effective. Small make up tips: OL tips to lose weight Find colleagues have the same desire reducing weight, we support each other in spirit and action. , weight loss is not a disgraceful thing, let colleagues know your mind to lose weight, reduce the "temptation" you on food. Three meals a day, don't go to work, don't eat breakfast, nutritious breakfast is to provide the source of energy a day. If only to eat breakfast, don't eat lunch, then it was time for dinner, usually component will eat some more, it can't effectively to achieve thin body plan. Carry is low in fat and calories, tea to the office, such as lactic acid foods such as fruits and whole-grain crackers, low-fat, each one at most.

Lack of sleep will gain weight

Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep easy to affect the endocrine, lead to increased appetite, causing obesity. Then followed the small make up together to reveal what is the relationship between sleep and weight, and attached two tips for you, easily lose weight beauty sleep the sleep out oh. Miller is the head of a company, the surface calm of her wisdom, however, there are hidden to the deep pain: over the years, she has never had a good night's sleep, every night, just sleep three or four hours at most. And with the passage of time, her situation is much worse, before long, she found a more terrible fact that her weight begins to increase gradually. "At that time, I don't have a physical exercise, I begin to eat more carbohydrates and sweets let oneself feel better, I can hardly control my appetite??" Finally, she find relevant experts, in the hope can through adjusting diet and weight. But surprised Miller, experts for her to do, the first thing is not to adjust her diet, but rather to improve her sleep. And the most magical is, after a period of sleep nursing, Miller tells us: "my appetite is not so strong, I even lost 10 kilograms!" How is that possible? Sleep can lose weight? Sleep for body weight to maintain and control plays an important role! Sleep plays a dynamic role in our life, it is much more than the body slowly closed or running for a period of time. In fact, during sleep, our bodies actively plays a metabolic functions. Our brains produce special metabolic control signal or neuropeptides, which influence our weight. If you sleep less than 7-9 hours for a long time, or irregular sleep, will increasingly accumulation of negative effect, the control signal and neuropeptides, will gradually lose their original function. How sleep affects weight? This is a subtle chemical process. When you don't have enough sleep, your body's growth hormone releasing peptide (ghrelin), a special hormone substances could be greatly increased, and its role is: to stimulate the appetite. At the same time, our bodies can through the metabolism of carbohydrates and lean protein (laptin) suppress appetite decreased the quantity. Therefore, the combination of two consequences: whether we already consume enough calories, we all want more food. If we try to control yourself and stick to lower calorie foods, lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain? The answer is: probably! Lack of sleep or poor quality leads to the hormone balance is broken, leading to weight balance of the crash. Even the whole endocrine system disorders. Unstable insulin secretion also can increase appetite, and cause low blood sugar and even diabetes. And adrenal glands will produce cortisol, at the wrong time, in turn, lead to fat accumulation, especially in the abdomen. If I don't have much time to sleep? Is simple: find the time! Try to sleep a hour early or get up a little later. Of course, the sleep quality and sleep time as worthy of attention. Sleep is very important to relax thoroughly, at the same time, when are you going to sleep, the body is the need to have a rest, not to wake the system to deal with the food in the stomach. If you want to take medicine to help sleep, you need to understand that just using the physical method to ensure that you can lie on the bed quietly enough time, but can not give you enough good sleep quality to control weight. Sleeping pills like hit the hammer on the nerve, inhibit the body's normal function and force it to rest. Sufficient sleep not only can reduce weight, also can beauty! So, to your skin and body, please have a good sleep! The following two tips to help you have better sleep!

Male kidney enhancement in seven dishes should eat

Kidney diet is a lot of people are using a method of filling kidney, actually a lot of people think no kidney is the man's first task, but there are a lot of filling kidney method. Which approach is valid? Let us have a look to below! "Aphrodisiac" green Chinese onion in some countries and areas, green Chinese onion is regarded as the embodiment of love and sexual desire. Such as in Africa, the Balkans, some spring onion essential national young men and women get married, a Greek bride healthy, happy, 2 it is to hope the groom more masculinity. Leeks rich in a variety of nutrients, can relax blood vessels, promote blood circulation, good for cardiovascular. All sorts of vitamins in modern medical research shows that green Chinese onion can guarantee normal human hormones secretion, also can effectively stimulate sexual desire, and "strong sun Yin". For men, leeks, or chives should eat 3 times a week, cooking, cold food, can also as a flavoring agent. "Viagra" vegetable leek leek with gas temperature lower, the effect such as kidney in yiyang, the enhancement of energy at the same time, especially for male erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation has excellent therapeutic effects, such as medical ancient books called it "an aphrodisiac grass", therefore, modern people gave it "viagra" vegetables. Leeks contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, and rich in carotene and vitamin C, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. For men, leeks Fried shrimp or leek scrambled eggs, is simple and easy to do "no food", should eat more. Need to pay attention to is, leeks, not easy to be digested not eating too much at a time. Upset, zygomatic flush, dry mouth, don't want to drink water, red tongue less moss, easy night sweats people should eat less, unfavorable also eat allergy. Queen "cuisine" the doctor will be used as a medicine cocktail onion onion Rome, India, people use it as a "sex hormones". Modern medicine has found that the onion has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory diuretic antidiarrheal, fall blood sugar, fall hematic fat, cholesterol, blood pressure etc multiple effect, is the current know only plants containing prostaglandin, can protect the prostate. It not only enjoy the laudatory title of "queen" in the food, is also an aphrodisiac, such as Russian men leave the onion have three square meals a day. Onions to eat a lot of, to give full play to its "man food" effect, might as well make scrambled eggs or Fried onion onion, beef, delicious taste, rich nutrition value, benefit for men also show clearly. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, with the legume vegetables are flat, wet the effect of tonifying spleen, the spleen and stomach weak, particularly suited to for kidney also has a good effect. But, depending on the species, their diet effect is also different.

Men fill gas is the best choice for kidney "nuts"

After scientists study found that about each about one hundred grams of walnut meat in about 20 or so of the unit of the antioxidant substances, it is 20 times higher than citrus, antioxidants for 0.98 units of spinach, carrots, 0.04 units, tomatoes for 0.31 units. People absorbed the walnut antioxidant compounds, can protect the body from many diseases. So far, people already know often eat walnuts can reduce blood cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walnut nutrition is very rich, not only contain rich protein, also contain high levels of minerals and fats and vitamins. Every 100 grams of protein 15.4 grams, 63 grams of fat, 10.7 grams of carbohydrate, 108 mg calcium, phosphorus 329 mg, 3.2 mg, 0.32 mg thiamine, riboflavin 0.11 mg, 1.0 mg niacin. Fat contains linoleic acid, and high nutritional value, in addition, also contain rich vitamin B and E. This is the root of what's good about eating walnuts. So for middle-aged and old people, walnut and what kind of benefits? Actually, not only because of walnut of high protein, high vitamin, but also because of walnuts contain rich vitamin B and E, to prevent cell aging, can the healthy brain, enhance memory and delay aging. Walnut milk also contains special vitamin composition, not only elevated cholesterol, also can reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, suitable for arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease (CHD) human consumption. Walnut meat contains linoleic acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron, is the ideal of the human body skin cosmetics, regular consumption have embellish skin, study, and have the function of the prevention and treatment of premature white hair and fall off. Walnut has what function? Walnut alias you know again how much? Walnut alias is actually a lot of, such as cashew nuts, walnut and so on. Besides walnuts have essence of filling kidney solid lung anti-asthma this effect, the temperature, the kidney, urinary frequency, such as cough disease has good curative effect. Contains rich vitamin B and E, can prevent cellular aging, can the healthy brain, enhance memory, and anti-aging. Walnut and walnut, almond, cashew nuts, hazelnut, walnut, known as the "four big fruit" in the world. The walnut has obvious brain functions and rich in nutritional value. Also, walnuts are appetizing effect, has the effect of torin blood, still can make the same flesh and blood is exquisite.

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