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Before going to bed do some exercise to lose weight

Core clew: many want to thin leg of the MM always say there is no time to do thin leg weight fuck, in fact, every night to spend a little time to do the following weight fuck, is effective, and easy, unconsciously legs thin oh. The weight loss of the side before ham before sleep A movement of the side: 1. Leg as far as possible, and keep this position for several seconds, until the feet feel tired. 2. Slowly up to keep the position several seconds to raise legs slowly, until with thigh high, maintain this pose for 30 seconds after the leg. As 10 to 15 times as a set of action, might as well after a set of actions, then gradually increase the workout. Movement of the two: 1. Legs and ankles crossed, bend your knees at the same time, the supine position, hands on hips, bend your knees, ankles crossed below. 2. Lift the legs stretching knee, cross feet toward the ceiling lift and stretch your knees as far as possible, to shrink the thigh muscles. In 15 to 20 times for a set of actions, 1 to 3 groups. Before the inner thigh exercise to lose weight Inner thigh exercise one: Knees hold pillow, inward extruding. Sitting on the bed, a pillow after folded in half, sandwiched between his knees, yank dozens of times. Inner thigh exercise. 2: 1. The legs of the flesh, squeezing clamp pillow. Prone on the bed, with wrist support jaw, legs, ankles clamp pillow, resultant force to the inside of the extrusion. 2. Bend your knees, extrusion. This behavioral essentials for the yank a pillow, make 15 times as a set of action, doing 1 to 3 groups. Bed legs, ankle movement A calf, ankle movement: Feet up, cock, tight two feet and toes. Lie on your back in bed, his hands palm facing down, lift the legs flat on hips, foot tiptoe take turns to alternately tilted, stretched straight. Foot movement in "1, 2", "1, 2," rhythm, do 20 to 30 times as a set of actions. 1 to 3 times, until the legs feel tired. Calf, ankle movement 2: 1. Tippy toes on one foot, towel set, pulling on a towel. Sitting on the bed legs straight, position the together on one foot toe towels, hands pulling on a towel. 2. The cock, stretched straight on tiptoe. This behavioral essentials to tiptoe, cock, a foot to do 6-8 times as a set of actions; The other foot at the same behavioral essentials. In each foot do 1 to 3 groups.

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