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Daily simple way to lose weight

Recently a lot of friends asked questions about weight loss. Remember I have recommend for mature women of excess body fat a simple "daily diet", its main principle can be summed up as "three discipline eight note". The three discipline is about the movement requirements: Above 1 to ensure the aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day, can be a jogging, fast walking, dancing, swimming, mountain climbing, etc., but must be continuous movement, the activity reaches the body fever, slight degree of asthma. No specific time, morning, afternoon or evening, can insist is good. 2 half an hour after lunch and dinner should never sit or lie down. Shall be engaged in some moderate household chores, such as washing the dishes, cleaning pot, wash clothes, tidy the house, walk back and forth. If you are going to watch TV, you must stand see, see while do turn waist, leg, step, breast-enhancing gymnastics movements, etc. Put the phone away from the sofa away from the phone stand. 3 within three Station Road not by car, walk as far as possible; Walk to work instead of driving to work for, car far away; Walking pace is faster as far as possible, about 10 minutes the speed of 1 km. Considering that modern women, most of the work in the predominantly posture, work pressure big, physical activity is too small, so must be emphasized to increase physical activity, but as far as possible will sport into life, avoid take too much time and difficult to adhere to. Sports not only can increase muscle firmness, reduce the proportion of fat, improve the body lines, but also can loosen body and mind, optimistic mood, for women's physical and mental health benefits. In addition, stick to a moderate amount of exercise is the best way to prevent rebound. Eight note is related to dietary requirements: 1 don't eat any Fried food and the greasy food. 2 20 minutes before a meal drink a large glass of water, do not drink sweet drinks, try not to eat snacks and desserts. Last, to reject any alcohol. 3 to eat breakfast, noon seventy percent full, fifty percent full in the evening. 4 try to eat less food made of rice flour. Best grains porridge for dinner meal, or with sweet potato, taro, yam, etc. Above 5 every day eat a kilo of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, the more the better. 6 appropriately when cooking oil drain less, do one or two every meal delicious salad and cooking food. 7 added oil as far as possible don't eat staple food such as dumplings, pancakes, waffles, puff pastry, such as Fried rice. If it must want to eat this kind of food in the breakfast. Eight eat less fatty meat, but every day to eat at least two less oily food rich in protein, like eggs, milk, soy sauce, beef, tofu, etc., to avoid the lack of nutrition. In addition, due to the decline of dietary nutrients, also suggested that the compound nutrients.

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