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Women libido is Particularly strong in these moments

We all think of sex has been mainly men in order to release the desire is not such a woman sexual desire is strong in some special occasion let you shocked, often at this time she wanted to make love, if a man can catch to this point in time can be more easily let her orgasm.Sex is a normal physiological needs, women in sexual intercourse, although no men, but also desire.Must pay attention to the men, women in sexual "peak" when the demand is very big, will also be reflected.So, poor quality of the doctor remind sex couples, make use of the peak to improve women's sexual desire.Recently, the university of north Carolina investigating more than 300 unmarried women, found that respondents having premarital sex time, mostly in the before and after menstruation, appears is also high risk of orgasm.Report also pointed out that the married women to orgasm, are mostly concentrated in the before and after menstruation is coming.In fact, this topic has caught the attention of the scientific community.In the 1920 s, women scientists at the university of London, Mary found have conducted in-depth study for a long time.She found that the women in the menstrual cycle of 28 days each, generally appear two sexual peak, one is before menstruation, the other is in two or three days before and after ovulation.Two peak generally within 14 days, the last three days.The two periods of sexual desire strong or weak, may be due to factors such as desire and fatigue and slightly difference.Although the domestic scholars have not according to the Chinese women in the menstrual cycle fluctuation had sex survey, but also think women do there may be such a cycle.Such as ovulation sexual peak and may be associated with beneficial to reproductive instinct;Sexual peak before menstruation, it may be associated with hope to ensure the safety of sex.It is thought that women of the sexual desire, and regularity of female progestational hormone secretion in the menstrual cycle.With mature follicle, estrogen level rising, and form a peak before ovulation, thus induce sexual peak.But there is also a view that in the process of biological evolution, development of more advanced, the sex hormone influence on sexual behavior get weaker.But there is a consensus in the scientific community, that is, a woman's sex drive, affected by multiple factors, such as physical, psychological, emotional, environmental, partner, etc.Ta-chung Yang said, therefore, in real life, the above two sexual peak is not to put all fields all, some women to the exception, they desire more intense when forthcoming month classics.If a woman in the "peak" sexual needs is bigger, naturally perceive themselves, will be reflected in the sex life.So, fewer doctors in clinical remind women, must use sexual peak improves the quality of sexual life.But for men, this is a wake: desire to partner to ascertain the cycle, and then adjust yourself, try to sync with your partner "govinda," to achieve "win-win".

how to quickly improve man's libido during sexual

Normal man's sex drive is generally very high, especially between 20 to 30 years old, during the period of this man's sex drive will be more strongly than the rest of the time, but there are a lot of friends in the middle age of sexual function has begun to decline, which makes both husband and wife is very worry, so you want to improve their interest in sex, so how to quickly improve man sex, all of us to learn about the together!The apple.Mentioned raw passion fruit, who know that Adam and eve people think of apple.Since Adam and eve, apple has been synonymous with equal to temptation.Apple red pigment by enough sunlight to form, can be sex hormone secretion is more vigorous, more masculine, let men, make women become more feminine flavour.Chocolate.Chocolate is not only a kind of food to make people happy, it still can let lovers "sex" blessing the best gift.Nutritionists believe that chocolate contains ingredients can stable nerve and help to open the senses, bring a person relaxed, excited feeling, make people more looking forward to the joy of the sexes.Physiologist research shows that the brain's response to love, and the taste of chocolate after reaction is the same, so people say chocolate is the taste of love.Red wine.Red wine made from grapes, endowment the moist nature, juicy grapes, slightly sweet, sour and spicy.TCM speak sweet Yin "" Yang XinGan, acid, a glass of red wine into the abdomen, Yin and Yang are two.Moderate amounts of red wine can promote the blood circulation to speed up and promote the release of energy in the body, can let the lovers to relax and enjoy a good night.With rich nutrition cheese, is real from inside encourage sexual interest!

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