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Feeding sequence errors easy fat drink soup before meals is the

What kind of food in order to conducive to lose weight? Experts say, a lot of people at the dinner table, it is used to eat a rice, then with some fish, meat, then eat a few mouth, and then some food. Eat a meal, finally to drink soup. Eating such order, however, whether from the "heat density" or from "endocrine", for those who want to lose weight, is very bad. What is the density of heat? The expert points out, heat density refers to the calories per unit weight of food contains. That is to say, eating the same weight of food, if eat to heat density is higher, the heat will be higher. Want to lose weight should drink soup first, then eat vegetables Ideal for those who want to lose weight, eat order, should be from low calorie dense food to eat, the higher the density, the more behind. In simple terms, drink soup first (of course, the soup is not), and then eat green vegetables, belly hunger and began to eat, after some meat. This appearance, also can eat, but don't eat so much heat. As for the density of heat how to judge? In simple terms, low clear soup, vegetables, rice, meat is relatively high. The more delicate things, heat density is higher; The higher the oil content, the more heat density. Finally, had better be to brown rice for dinner In addition to consider heat density, want to control appetite, let oneself not so hungry, eat the order also need to consider food affect endocrine. If in the beginning, just drop a pile of rice or rice flour starchy products, not only easy to eat too much heat, and these delicate eat rice, sugar is easy to rise rapidly, will stimulate the secretion of insulin in the body. Experts point out that large amounts of insulin secretion, can fall blood sugar, but also easy to let the body fat accumulation. Hence, after eating the vegetables, might as well eat meat or other protein food first, then dinner, and it is best to brown rice. Such a rise in blood sugar would not be so fast, is not easy to accumulate fat. The last to eat fruit, because of the high fruit sweetness, and contained monosaccharide is easy to absorb, if eat on an empty stomach, also easy to stimulate blood sugar rise quickly, is not conducive to weight loss. As for dessert this kind sweet, heat density and high food, lose weight when it is best to stay away from, if you want to eat, also must be put in the last order. Weight loss tips when eating 1. Eat a little slower Eating slowly is king. Research shows that most obese people eating too fast, the brain could feel full information will have to eat too much. If eating a little slower, the will make corresponding reaction zone is more accurately feel full feedback information. 2. Dinner should not watch TV, read a book, read the newspaper at the same time, it can easily lead to eating too much. So do not easily fat after eat 1. After a meal not to eat peanuts, melon seeds and other snack foods, banana, apple etc contain a certain quantity of heat of fruit can't eat. 2. You should not drink sweet drinks after a meal.

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