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To male your leg slimming we should to see the following Thin le

Many women for his legs are not very satisfied, always upset why isn't there a pair of long thin legs, because of the leg muscles are hard to lose, but if the movement is not scientific thigh muscles will agglomerate instead, how do the targeted to lose leg fat? Let the famous pilates instructor to teach, teach you how to thin leg fat!!!! Want to thin leg sister don't want to miss! (click on the image to the next page) Action 1: bridge ready for action Lay back down on the ground, right leg knee bend your knees pointing to the ceiling, left leg bent close to the ground, the arch with right leg ankle, hands up, pointing to the ceiling. Steps: hip to the service as a bridge, tighten buttocks, knees apart, the knees toward the ceiling to the legs and buttocks push up, then down and returned to pose. Slowly repeat 10 to 15 times, then change to the other side to repeat the same action. Note: pay attention to separate knees and raise hips, this movement can achieve tight gluteal muscle and the effect of the rotator. Action 2: kick action for action Side, the side legs and knees bent, upper leg is straight forward. Action 3: lunges balance ready for action Standing on one foot, the other leg bend your knees, on a supporting leg knee and legs knees and feet facing forward. Steps: head stand, hands supporting the arch from the lift. Lunges forward, touching the floor with bending legs again, and then returned to the ready position. Slowly repeat 10 times, then change to the other side. Note: note that ass lunges, and keep your back straight. When return to balance position head upright, hands are lowered to below the belly. This movement can exercise the muscles of the hips and the whole leg, can also train control and explosive. Steps: raise oscillating upper leg to a circle, and then put down, put down after side leg, raised his swing back again, back to ready for action. Repeat 10 times, then change to the other side. Note: keep your legs up to just below the waist line, and shoulder against the ground to keep body balance. Can achieve rotator muscles with exercise and gluteal muscle and lateral axis of agglomeration effect. Action 4: side kicking preparation The lateral forearm support ground, knees peg-leg, keep dangling belly, shoulders relaxed, support arm pressure on the mat. Steps: legs straight, raise the hips, propping up the body with your arms and feet. To stretch the upper arm. The upper leg and hip level. Drop your legs and hips, back to ready for action. Slowly repeat 10 times, then change to the other side. Note: pay attention to when raise hips at the same time, promote the forearm and raise the lower abdomen. When raise the upper legs, under side of the leg is pushed down. This movement will exercise the hip muscles and integrated axis of the body and the stability of the shoulder, let the body get strengthen training at a time.

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