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A man penis big is not necessarily a good thing

Past research suggests that women's preferences may stimulate and decided the human penis growth in the process of evolution, so human penis is the longest of all primates thick. Evolution in the animal world the male genitals very quickly, it changes have occurred earlier than any other signs, regardless of size or shape is really changeable, it reveals the evolution of a species pressure have how old. Let scientists puzzled, however, what causes the man's penis can become so large. Nature magazine published the latest research results show that the big penis to attract women gradually subsided. Researchers tell the reader today, penis size for women is nothing things, it still has a range of size. Women in judging a man's penis size and sexual attraction, they'll put a peer's height, but the two measures are gradually decline, that they all can't compare with the importance of the masculine bodily form. This leads to about 1966 masters and Johnson says the vast majority of women think penis size is not important point of view of a new argument. Because then all the results of the survey is not consistent, are always contradictory. > > > of four erect penis Composed of biologists, researchers using computer generated images of men, can change their height, respectively, shoulder and hip ratio, penis length these three indicators, and then let the 105 Australia heterosexual women watched the 53 pieces respectively mapped to the equivalent of a life-size male images on the screen, and to give their sexual attractiveness. Recently conducted the latest study showed that each character of an inverted u-shaped curve. Think that taller women and more masculine characteristics (mean big proportion of the shoulder and hip), a longer penis man the most sexually attractive, but is not without limit, interest in chaoda has fallen, substantially more than the average man's sex appeal is not higher than just slightly above average man. Actually every signs with ceiling effect, that is sexual attraction has a peak in theory, after that point, women's ratings of natural to fall. This team survey to the model shows that to be the most * ually attractive under the weak state of penis length is 12.8 -- 14.2 cm, the Numbers of idealized relatively closer to the average number (9 cm), rather than close to the past that kind of survey forecast of women prefer to more extreme in the shoulder and hip ratio and height, but is less inclined to extreme penis size.

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