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Simple yoga ball make body shape is more graceful

Yoga ball four fitness effect: 1. The lower back injury can do same. Because stress is downy, yoga ball movement is relatively safe, even back has been injured, the people who need rehabilitation treatment can also exercise, can avoid to cause too much damage to the joints, it would be much easier. 2. Training the body balance. Yoga ball is an "unstable" sports equipment, when you use yoga ball off the ground, don't let the ball rolling, try to keep balance, and also don't let yourself fall from the ball, this will require a leg, waist and abdomen integrated force control, it is able to maintain good coordination and muscle strength. 3. The massage effect. Yoga ball movement will try to let the body contact with spherical do fully, and yoga ball is made of soft PVC materials, when the body, when in contact with the yoga club evenly and gently massage the body, it will promote blood circulation. 4. The correct posture. When you sat on a yoga ball, the body is constantly making small adjustments, make body remained stable. These distortions can promote the blood circulation, strengthens the lower back and abdominal strength, let you can't sit straight, open shoulders, correct your wrong posture for a long time. Yoga ball use should pay attention to: 1. To pick the ball hit "eight full", so that the ball body is more flexible, convenient to do clamp and grasping movements. 2. The yoga ball with various size, beginners can use balls first, control more convenient. In general, the ball is easier to maintain balance, ball is lighter, but it is not easy to balance. 3. When playing yoga ball at home, can shop on the ground with a yoga mat or towel, clean, also is not easy to skid. 4. Although the yoga ball exercise not injured, but still want to keep balance, especially for difficult movements, such as type wheel reduction must be good with my hands.

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