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Exercise for weight loss solutions will vary from person to pers

Core clew: sports is one of the important methods to lose weight, but exercise to lose weight plan how to customize, aerobic exercise with strength training, how to combine? How simple judgment is moving on its own strength, etc., this series of problems has been plagued by many people think exercise to help reduce body fat. 39 health network, special interview famous sports medicine experts Zhou Qin teacher moves. Invited experts: Zhou Qin moves Sports medicine experts; The Sydney 2000 games technology service subject Chinese gymnastics team leader; The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sports nutrition experts; Beijing municipal institute of health education in science fitness "branch of director; Therapine LePai sub-health management technical director. Need to customize the long-term weight control program According to Zhou Qin teacher moves, exercise to lose weight is not a one-time act, but a long-term plan. Custom kinematic scheme will vary from person to person, including exercise time and exercise intensity, all want to according to the personal weight loss goals and physical quality. First to determine the weight loss goals of the individual, in a normal adults, for example, every fat to lose 1 kg need to consume about 8000 calories (pay attention to is to lose fat, rather than just reduce weight, because of losing weight also includes the body of water and a loss of muscle). If you want to lose 2 kg in two months of fat, need to consume 16000 calories, the average consume 2000 calories per week, assuming that exercise four days a week, so need to consume 500 calories a day. That is to say, if you want to lose 2 kg in two months of fat, excess heat do not need to diet, under the premise of reduce the intake of animal fat, exercise four days a week, sports consume 500 calories every day. Is not hard to 500 calories consumption, regular aerobic exercise, such as ordinary swim 40 to 60 minutes, will consume about 300-400 kcal. Coupled with the right amount of strength training or treadmill exercise, exercise is enough. And for people who don't have the time to the gym movement, exercise walking to and from work also is very good chance, as long as 40 minutes walk a day, seven days a week, can also achieve the goal of consume about 2000 calories every week. Exercise intensity amount must learn to control his pulse Exercise exquisite moderation principle, appropriate to strength size appropriate, time length, the frequency number is appropriate. Exercise intensity is too large, the pressure of the heart and joints are large, instead, insist for a long time is bad for health. Control movement intensity is the simplest way is to own pulse, in the process of movement, pulse count myself: 10 seconds pulse number X6 = number of pulse per minute (heart rate) : use 180 minus age under the age of 40, 170 minus age above 40 years old, is the bull 's-eye rate of aerobic exercise. With no cardiovascular disease in the general population, when movement is the heart rate than the bull 's-eye rate should be appropriate to slow down and reduce the movement range. When the heart rate to slow, may be appropriate to speed up the speed and increase the movement range. Different people heart rate change is not the same as in sports, walk to lose weight, for example, for people who have cardiovascular disease, weeks take 60-70 steps per minute, and for healthy, normal adults usually walk 120 steps per minute or so to reach aerobic exercise heart rate (= the bull 's-eye rate, 170 - age 50 to 120 times/min). Aerobic exercise is a foundation, strength training is necessary, flexibility exercises cannot little. "The current domestic most of the fitness or sports amateur to the correct movement sequence is not very understanding, or do not." Correct movement step by step should be: flexibility exercises to do, to do aerobic exercise (periodic motion is better grasp exercise intensity, such as walking, running, cycling, swimming and so on have a certain rhythm, action repeated movement, non-cyclical movements such as ball games interesting but vulnerable to injury, the intensity of the game should not control); Then do strength training, finally, do some stretching flexibility exercises. Movement upfront first minutes of stretching (prepared), let their muscles, joints and ligaments in tensile relaxation state, only in the muscles and ligaments are all in the state of the maximum tensile, to enter the ready state of motion, such motion effect also is the best, the body is not easy to hurt.

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