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Don't be afraid to lose weight in summer

The ribs, winter melon soup Practice: 1, wash ribs, with boiling water boiled, to floating foam, rinse standby; Wax gourd peel, seeds, cut blocks; Ginger slices, or a small piece of ginger tenderizer. 2, ribs, ginger and the pot, add water, first the fire to boil, turn to a simmer about 1 hour, wax gourd, wax gourd continue to stew to block becomes transparent, add salt to taste. (try not to put oil). Tip: the effect of this soup is almost one is told, it is the best choice for summer cool to fill. Pork ribs besides contain protein, fat, vitamin, also contains a lot of calcium phosphate, bone collagen and bone glue protein, etc., for a woman to supplement calcium. Wax gourd sex cold, taste gansu, can eliminate heat detoxification, diuretic swelling, thirst except vexed, swelling to phlegm accumulation, smallpox, is thirsty than, be agitated, hemorrhoids hematochezia, beriberi, swelling, urination, the summer heat is hard to eliminate the phenomenon such as effective. Second, shrimp white gourd soup Wax gourd has high nutritional value. Contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, especially vitamin C content is higher, in addition, unlike other melons and fruits, no fat, and sodium content is extremely low, have the effect of diuresis platoon is wet. Because of its containing two acid propyl alcohol, so it plays an important role in preventing weight gain. Wax gourd, such as belt leather boil soup to drink, can reduce the swelling diuretic, heat has soared. Practice: 1, will go to shell shrimp, shrimp line, rinse and drain the water in a bowl. 2, wax gourd peel wash to eager into small pieces. 3, shrimp with cold water into the pot boil add wax gourd and cook until cooked, sheng into the soup bowl after a little salt and chicken essence seasoning. (oil, spices as far as possible). Tip: when the weight loss method: a few much food system. Hungry can eat a few mouth, such as soup cold to drink as much as possible. Adhere to eat shrimp stewed white gourd, a month with proper exercise (walking) can lean about 15-20 jins. Please be sure to pay attention to, don't eat shrimp head, because there are very high cholesterol. Three, bean curd soup Ingredients: bean curd, soybean sprout, black agaric, day lily. Practice: 1, black fungus, water wash hair, wash yellow bean sprouts, yellow vegetables to root water wash it, tofu slices, shred onion. 2, skillet with oil, stir-fry; heat into the mess with silk 3, the yellow bean sprouts, and then the day lily, fresh soup; 4, and yellow bean sprouts, day lily add tofu to boil 2 minutes when bad; 5, black fungus, salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning. Comments: this is ideal for dieters eat tofu soup, besides low-calorie tofu, bean sprouts, agaric, day lily is very good food reducing weight, together let you can more delicious, thin body, and the soup with top disease prevention and health role. Note that if is cold constitution, don't drink more. Four, red and white radish soup Practice: will be red and white radish abluent, cut into parts, ground up boil, add ginger, water until done. Add salt and MSG seasonings, (not go). Gan cool tips: bai luobo, eliminate greasy, degreasing, phlegm, cough etc. It contains choline substances, can reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, contains the substances such as mustard oil, can promote the metabolism of fatty material better, to prevent the accumulation of subcutaneous, very conducive to weight loss. Bai luobo heat is low, only 21 kilocalorie 100 grams, less than 1/15 of the rice. To remind is, of course, white radish is not suitable for taste frail, such as loose stool, should reduce use, and it is worth noting that in the diet of this product when taking ginseng tonic medicine, lest affect curative effect. In addition to drink soup, tea every day is also indispensable. Don't always buy drink, additives too much, and too much cold drinks can let a female body cold, is not conducive to the metabolism. Try to drink some more pu 'er. Five, the pu 'er law reducing weight Pu-erh tea is known as the early tea to lose weight. Cup of tea after meals can effectively stimulate your metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of fat. Many medical experiments prove that continuous with constant drinking puer tea can lower blood fat 30% (depending on the individual different, of course). Pu 'er tea has deep relationship with fat metabolism. According to the research data shows, due to its unique fermentation process, can improve the function of lumbar abdominal fat enzymes. The yeast fungus in the puer tea contained lipase adipose decompose the yeast, the adipose decompose with utility. Yeast fungus fermented pu-erh tea can curb weight gain, reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood.

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