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What are the benefits of aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise to enhance cardiorespiratory endurance. In movement, need a lot of nutrients and oxygen due to muscle contraction, cardiac contraction frequency will increase, and each time the amount of blood pressure sent also relatively common multiple, at the same time, the oxygen demand also increases, breathing than is normal, the lungs of a degree is bigger also. So when movement continues, muscle contraction, for a long time cardiopulmonary must effort to supply oxygen to muscles, and the wastes away the muscles. The sustained demand, can improve the cardiopulmonary endurance. When cardiopulmonary endurance has increased, the body can be engaged in longer or higher intensity of exercise, and less fatigue. Gasoline combustion is dependent on the oxygen, so we can also keep the engine work as aerobic exercise. Also, humanity in motion to burn fuel, human "fuel" is sugar, protein and fat. Human "fuel" is stored in the cells of the body, when you exercise, will consume these "fuel" to gain momentum. Like burning gasoline engine, human combustion "fuel" (oxidizing) also need oxygen to support combustion. Aerobic exercise to lose weight people in sports exhaled breath, make by alveolar oxygen in the air to enter the blood circulation system, and then as the arterial blood flow to the body tissue cells, it is a long process. What is the aerobics? The movement of low intensity, long time, basically is aerobic exercise, for instance, walking, jogging, long-distance swimming slow, biking, dancing, etc. Aerobic exercise can effectively exercise the organs such as heart and lung, can improve cardiovascular and pulmonary function. People in the process of using oxygen, there was a considerable time lag, the time difference determines the sharp, be oxygen-free movement for a short period of time. And when you exercise long enough, oxygen has to immerse himself in cells, the body's glucose got fully "combustion", which translates into new energy, like exercise is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise requires a lot of breathing air, lung is good exercise, and can increase lung capacity and heart function. Insist for a long time to aerobic exercise can increase the number of hemoglobin in the body, improve body resistance, anti-aging, enhance the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex and lung function, increase fat consumption, prevent arteriosclerosis, lower the incidence of disease of heart head blood-vessel. Dieters if in the reasonable arrangement of food at the same time, combined with aerobic exercise, not only can lose weight successfully, and after weight loss weight will also be strengthened. Aerobic exercise is very beneficial for knowledge workers. In addition, the effect of aerobic exercise has fitness.

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