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How to thin calf muscle type leg

The calf muscle type, for most people is not "muscles" (except athletes sports load such as the people), but fill the fat in the muscle. For calf muscle type, therefore, the main method is to soften "massage fat, reduce fat - calf muscle exercise". (interpretation whether your calf muscle type leg) Is the cause of calf muscle type form the large muscles exercise habit is bad, after the stop motion, muscle loss and fat fill, therefore, mainly on the leg is a mixture of fat, stiffness, fat and muscle, muscle, to change the leg, the first step to more massage, and then reduce fat! Massage massage methods: from the ankle to the thigh root, hands synthesis loop, trapping the calf is lifting the calf muscles; Under the knee nest place you push hard on the 7; On the center line of the side before ham from knee pressure to the thigh root; In the groin slightly you push hard on the outside with the palm. Massage time more than 15 minutes, relax more thoroughly. Softening of fat, of course, is only the first step, the next is to use the effective movement to eliminate fat. All the fat burn exercise can reduce fat (if movement of the heart rate exercise heart rate of burn fat more than 20 minutes, can directly to burn fat. Fat burn exercise heart rate calculation). In addition, some for the calf muscle exercise can increase muscle strength and improve muscle line, also is very good method. Activities on tiptoe, stretching the calf muscles is a good workout. And, of course, in improving the calf muscle type, don't forget to how it is formed. Therefore, on the one hand, to fully relax your muscles after movement, on the other hand, also want to maintain exercise habits, so as to avoid fat "move in". Finally, improve the calf muscle type is not so simple things. So, like any local lines of the sculpture work, improve the calf muscle type also need your effort and patience.

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