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Sleep to the effect that reduce weight Sentiment: 54486 tags: BMI weight life habits In the past 40 years, ordinary Chinese the reduction in the average amount of sleep for almost 2 hours. On September 13, 2002, Chinese society of psychiatry branch was held in Beijing the "sleep questionnaire survey results conference & r... Create a good environment to lose weight Sentiment: 17314 tags: lifestyle diet environment On a diet at the beginning of the build a supportive network, and keep the solid, is important for lasting weight loss success. Weight loss needs positive reinforcement will bring pressure to lose weight, however, if in process reducing weight... Way of life - all the basis of weight loss Sentiment: 13893 tags: living habits People more believe in seeking treatment for overweight, there are a series of increasing degree of treatment options. If no lifestyle changes including diet and exercise can make ideal effect, so can consider to drug therapy. If it is serious... A reasonable plan to lose weight, lose weight success in half Sentiment: 16036 tags: living habits Successful weight loss requires a healthy lifestyle and behavior patterns. This includes opt for something lower in calories of food, and regularly for sports activities. But these things will not happen automatically, they need to plan. The so-called plan reducing weight, specifically... Smoking and weight loss Sentiment: 7985 tags: living habits The benefits of not smoking on the body is obvious, however, many smokers, especially women smokers smoking in way to control weight. In addition, the fear of weight gain after quitting makes people hard to quit smoking - & ndash... Self-monitoring, the assurance of successful weight loss Sentiment: 14235 tags: psychological habits to lose weight Weight loss behavior tracking is a vital part of comprehensive weight loss program. The self-monitoring include track diet, exercise, body weight, body fat and waist circumference, and weight loss success and setbacks. Self-monitoring indicates...

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