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Office of small motion to let you easily to lose weight

According to a survey, 49% of office workers all said, after they work, they gain weight. Among them, 28% of people long for nearly 10 jins. How to contain the growing trend of fat, small make up here reveal about the mint office popular slimming small way, hoping for more officelady brought some fresh inspiration. Recently, long time sitting in front of a computer, it feels a bit like a dry wit. Brooding, don't know how to lose weight, what is fresh and interesting topic, can let a person spirit a flap. A colleague (a legendary H jun), with a full pot of black tea from the past, suddenly found that mint office is an office full of thin body spirit. Thin body mint office feature is, the words on the mug is "health first"), happy is the necessary requirement (mint office is always filled with happy emotions), learning constantly enterprising (we always keep a positive attitude, learning, practice healthy method reducing weight). 1, work often change posture Small make up recently read an article, the United States James levine, a professor at the Mayo clinic, said: "we have more than 150 years ago, less average consume 1500 calories a day. This conversion, is equivalent to how long it would take a year ten catties." No wonder, modern people are easy to get fat. Against office too few calories, H is, keep change jobs. After a period of time, can stand to watch for a while computer, a moment can be kneeling, the floor is hard, the best in the following), place a cushion to see computer. Small change, will be able to consume more calories, and unapt let lower body fat. Don't know when, can always see mint office, H you in the lead, with several colleagues, kneel type with the computer. Of course, we are not a cult, we are "letter H jun, too thin." Ha ha! 2, bring their own fruit as a snack Those since losing weight, snacks in limbo friends to pay attention to, appropriate to eat some snacks, not only do not grow fat, also can help you effectively control appetite, boozing boozing curb your impulses. Here introduce, mint office fruit snacks's got talent. Fruits, the mysterious "miss China". In our office magical novel, "miss China" is a concealed weapon, have all sorts of strange weapon, is one of the most colorful tomato. Besides, there are also the Fuji apple, sugar pipa, crystal cherries, and the fruit quality is very good, sweet and delicious. Small make up near the supermarket to buy varieties of quality. As for, "miss China" where to buy these good quality fruit has always been a mystery. Under the guidance of miss China, the office snack gradually to take fruit. Everywhere, with fresh tomatoes and cucumber on my desk, along with a variety of seasonal fruits, apples, red bayberry, grape, plum, etc. One more thing, is very important. Fruit is good for your health, but also want right amount. Before you eat, to the joy of electronic scale weighing. Now everyone is estimated weight food, eyes swept away, probably can guess. 3, health drinks, free to drink H is mentioned in front, you will make a big pot of black tea, to share. Previously, I always thought that is black coffee, I think we need as much caffeine? Then, pour a cup of, originally is a black tea. Deep color, but the taste is not heavy, no astringency, is also pretty refreshing drinks. Experience judgment with small make up for many years to drink coffee, caffeine content is not high. Black tea or green tea. All kinds of fresh bubble tea, is a health drink, and zero calories. Absolutely is the good helper of thin body office. Many research articles, introduced three to five cups of green tea a day, one can improve the metabolism, so as to burn more calories. Small make up every day with "health first" the cup to drink three cups of green tea, said goodbye to the former crazy days of strong coffee, feel every day have a good light. 4, not the computer to eat lunch Recently, in what we are doing a survey, a lot of companies who have 3 or 4 times a week have lunch at his desk. Browse the web while at the computer, while munching on chewing buy lunch box. This way of distracting to eat, especially prone to excessive eating. So, want to eat healthy, still had better from the computer translation, concentrate on to enjoy my lunch. Peppermint has a tall beautiful woman in the office, nicknamed "jing jing", she gave us sharing a small article, intestines and stomach is also have feelings, so, with friends or family to have a meal, can promote gastrointestinal digestion, more and more healthy. Therefore, in order to more tender to our intestines and stomach, eat healthier, mint office is lunch fashion goes hand in hand. Whether to go near the canteen, or because the job is busy, at the convenience store bought a simple lunch, everyone will sit together, talk about the day, eat slowly. This time, small make up often with sauce discuss recent slimming tips, ha ha. 5, sports teams We have been seeing the method reducing weight is introduced said in the article, to exercise can lose weight. The customer return to after they ignore us, really tirede to exercise and exercise, it is very difficult thing. Especially for many companies, but also by subway or bus a crowded, long struggle, to get to warm home, whole body every cell will probably feel tired, where there are mental exercise. Mint office also has such problems as well. However, mint is the spirit of continuous innovation, constantly breakthroughs, in can't achieve. Miss China, sauce, and quietly, their innovation movement first, after work, bus or subway, less sit stand, walk home. (you can also carry a pedometer, a day walk 500 steps, can consume more calories 25) in this way, can record their own exercise. The second recruit innovation movement. "Catch bus, enthusiasm". Mint office a lot of people want to sit bus to the subway and bus is usually on time. Train the party members, however, is always the last a few minutes, just down the office building, objective explicitly run car chase. Catches up, every time also

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