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How to quickly thin leg

Determine your leg meat is fat or muscle is simple: 1) let a leg taut, usually can see the shape of the muscle; 2) general in the subcutaneous fat, and muscle is usually attached to the bone. So, relax the leg, if it is easy to catch up with the hand, is fat. This aspect if after massage the legs to make the most effective, the stiffness of the fat will be soften, can easily catch up. 3) of course, if you have already don't exercise for a long time, then it must be relatively more fat - even if used to have muscle, also started to loss, fat filled in at the same time. This is the so-called "calf muscle type". Prevent calf muscle type, can make your legs look better. On legs to reduce weight, mint is recommended that you choose to lower body edema of food and helps lower body fat reducing movements combined to achieve a goal. Usually only by simply reducing diet or use some folk prescription, and can't help us to achieve the purpose of weight loss leg. Dietary respect, apple, white gourd, Chinese yam, yi, red bean, etc are all conducive to drainage swelling of the legs. Guarantee that an apple a day, often drink white gourd soup or ormosia yi porridge is very good choice. Sports, usually we come into contact with the body aerobic exercise also has very good fat reducing effect to the legs, such as brisk walking, jogging, climbing stairs, climbing, aerobics, etc. These exercises can effectively promote blood circulation of lower body, so as to achieve very good effect on fat burn. Besides, everyone in the thin leg weight watchers can find a lot of thin leg of the local sports. Believe that as long as insist on a week can feel leg fat reduction, if you can hold to a month, will be able to achieve significant results. The leg weight loss is not a difficult thing, but it also manufactures can do it. As long as we adhere to the diet combined with exercise, we can get good leg effect reducing weight.

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