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10 easily mislead you puzzle to lose weight

What is the most frustrating to lose weight? Is misguided. Hungry don't get less, arm but didn't fine; Didn't spend less money, but not small belly... Around us, always lose weight through diet and exercise for weight loss information, even to a contradictory degree: news, protein is the kingly way this week, next week becomes a carbohydrate seek hegemony; Supermarket checkout aisle, all the cover of the magazine declared weight loss tips on this content; And in the gym, but everyone is weight loss experts. But, for the truth of the reducing weight, how much you know? Maybe, you are doing is futile. America's health and lifestyle consultants ASHLEY, burton and famous nutritionist Paula Simpson in totalbeauty website review article 10 health puzzle, some of you may already know the answer, but there are some can help you. 1. Don't eat after eight o 'clock at night? It isn't. Cause you fat not the time to you eat, but what you eat and how much. Some diets will advise you in advance for dinner, finished eat don't eat other things, because some people (especially those who eat less a meal during the day) at night easy to overeating. Burton said: "if you find yourself at dinner ate no, probably because you didn't get enough quality card in the way during the day." Strategy: actually you can rest assured to get something to eat after dinner, just pay attention to eat what, recommend the preferred burton is a luncheonette, or a glass of water, berries and a little fat and milk smoothie. If you think this snack is too light, then try to use fat-free yogurt or skim milk cereal instead of ice cream and potato chips, or try to use only 100 calories snacks biscuit instead of puffed food products. Binge eating is the real danger of midnight snack, don't sit in front of the television became a "couch potato", also don't eat much under the influence of the cocktail. 2. There are good and bad calories? Where is there. We should know: a calorie is a unit of heat calculation, (translator note: defined as 1 gram of water one degree Celsius rise in under 1 standard atmospheric pressure needed to heat). The people get fat because I eat more calories than we burn. However, not all carbohydrates are the same. Simpson said: "bad carbs (refined monosaccharides) after entering the human body was quickly digested, absorbed into the blood. High blood sugar, excess sugar will be stored in the form of fat." And carbohydrates in the high quality fiber helps to slow down the digestion rate of sugar, control blood sugar levels, which make the body of excess sugar into fat before have a longer time to burn off the calories. Strategy: ingestion of more types of carbohydrates - fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - avoid intake of monosaccharide such as candy, soda crackers and regular pasta (whole wheat pasta, compared to their less fiber), and cake, bread, such as "white". Food (so-called "white" and refers to the processed and refined, the color is white foods, such as flour, rice, pasta, bread, biscuits, cereal, etc.) Another choice high-quality carbs reason: blood sugar level will happen with the rapid digestion of monosaccharide and obvious fluctuations, thus make a person feel very tired, the appetite control disorder. That would find it hard to control food to us, it's not a good news. 3. Drink soup before meals reduce appetite? A bowl of hot soup can not only bring fullness, also can bring happiness oh ~ Positive solution. According to a study by a Penn state university's research shows that consumption of high moisture food can increase satiety. It is interesting to note that only drink water but do not have this effect. Obviously, compared with soup, paste food, clean water is faster in the stomach emptying, don't give your brain sends a signal, telling you already full. Strategy: before you go out to drink a bowl of soup as an appetizer (note that not cream soup! If you are still drinking high calorie fruit juice or soda, hasten to replace them with clean water. That a little water is not will be able to let you more satisfied, but it is "saved" calories can help you to put the weight down. , meanwhile, it also brings "bonus" - helps you get rid of metabolic wastes, to transport nutrients to your cells, effectively reduce skin rashes, reduce black rim of the eye. 4. Weight loss will be completely away from red meat? Red meat although containing fats and cholesterol slightly tall, but also have advantages, but also delicious. Don't have to. Because red meat is an important source of protein and iron. Strategy: choose lean meat to eat, like sirloin, beef brisket, lean ground beef, to remove the fat. Portion control is the key, burton's advice: "try reducing intake of red meat per week and a half at a time. And, you eat red meat on the size and thickness should be similar with the palms of your hands, instead of your boyfriend's hand or shaquille o 'neal palm oh ~" 5. "over-the-counter", "natural", "herbal essence =" safe and effective? Fault. Weight loss has a risk, need to be careful. In the 1990 s of the ephedra herb medicine reducing weight is a good example. Can get, in the health food store to buy is not the same as it is healthy. In a product been evaluated the food and drug administration (FDA) before, you should be skeptical. Strategy: although there is no weight loss pill, but with the FDA approval of medicine reducing weight, appetite inhibitors (over-the-counter and prescription). Drugs and a three-pronged low calorie diet and exercise program, is has the certain help in losing weight. Warm prompt: before you take any medication, should consult your doctor first.

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