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How to thin thighs

Fat type a: thick thighs muscle to fat Positive: more for sports girls legs features. Suddenly stopped after a lot of movement, as a result of muscle tissue without old movement, gradually converted to fat. So, to solve this problem, need quite a long time. How thin thighs: recovery exercise habits or practice "leg work" Stand on feet tandem, heel lift. Be vertical and bending the legs, but upper and heel. Stand feet apart, then bend your knees, also follow bent forward. Hip cock, but the back must be straight. Hands should stick a wall to stand, feet together. One leg back up, trying to make the heel touch the buttocks. This leg work is like this: each action do 20 to 25, once every other day. A few weeks later, the six action how to do it again, which means the six action done, rest 60 to 90 seconds, long again. If you have time, can do four or five times a week. Fat thick thighs type 2: inadequate sports relaxation Back: with the increase of age, fat accumulation. But the main cause of muscle relaxation is lack of exercise. How thin thighs: in order to keep a good bottom line, to give you every day movement. Stretching is thighs fit one of the most effective way. Two hang arm, a leg knee squat, back straight, the other leg back, until the parallel to the ground; Or in the same place, the other leg unbend, sideways until and body into 90 - degree Angle, try to do on each leg 3 groups (each group of 10) this kind of movement. This exercise can also stand for the body, one leg and keep your body straight, the other leg stretch backwards and sideways, make legs straight and parallel to the ground. Leg movements can also be side, flat on the bed or on the floor body side, one leg is close to the floor, the other a leg up, until the legs and body into a 45 degree Angle, then put the legs on 45 degree Angle support in a table or chair, lift up on the floor again on the leg with the legs together. The exercise can strengthen the inside and outside of the thigh muscles, rather than in the past only exercise the lateral muscles, so as to keep the thigh of balance and symmetry.

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