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Eat what food when Constipation

Constipation eat what good apple 1 apple abluent, every day to eat with the skin, can prevent constipation. With the skin to eat every day 4, 5, modulation of stubborn sex constipation. Daily on an empty stomach 1 ~ 2 in the morning and at night, can be modulation habitual constipation. Apple powder 6 grams, on an empty stomach to take eating with warm water, 3 times daily, used for modulation habitual constipation. Will apple peeled, sliced, with water decocting, with 30 grams of honey tone, 3 ~ 4 times daily, or modulation habitual constipation; The banana Four bananas, sugar right amount. The banana peel, add rock sugar to steam cooked. Every time 1, 2 times a day, even the food 2, can be modulation (qi and Yin deficiency type constipation. 250 grams of banana, eating before sleep. Or 1 ~ 2 banana, sugar is right amount, after the banana peel, and crystal sugar water stew cooked together, l ~ 2 times a day, even the food for days, used for other types of constipation modulation. Banana is 1 ~ 2, each on an empty stomach, effective for stool stem node. Daily morning eat bananas 1 ~ 2, or 2 banana peel after stewed food, daily 1 time, can be used for constipation merger and hemorrhoids, anal fissure bleeding; pear Sydney 250 ~ 500 grams, 1 time per mouth, eat on an empty stomach every night, suitable for hot secret type constipation. 1 pear, 30 grams of maren, decoction juice, add a little honey, braise, 1 ~ 2 times a day, also is used to heat the secret type constipation; Sugar cane Sugar cane juice 150 ml, red jujube 5 pieces, 3 dried persimmon. Red jujube denuclearization, dried persimmon to tiffany, wash, with sugar cane juice porcelain, lie between water simmer for 1 hour, drink 15 ml each time, 3 times a day, even drink 3. Adjustable pediatric milk food retention hysteresis type constipation. 1 a small handleless wine cup sugar cane juice, honey, sugar drink daily on an empty stomach in the morning and at night. Honey or sugar cane juice 50 ml, 30 ml, mix, 1 in the morning and at night times a day, drinking on an empty stomach. Or directly edible sugar cane. Both can be used in the modulation of other types of constipation.

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