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The elderly best way to farewell impotence

ED is the abbreviation of male erectile dysfunction ", is a common male sexual dysfunction.In middle-aged and old people, the high prevalence of ED.In order to better prevention and treatment of these diseases, men should know the scientific knowledge of ED.1. ED is to point to when sexual intercourse, the penis cannot erect or maintain an erection, to meet sex.Both completely unable to erection, but also unable to maintain adequate erection time and hardness.2. The United States national institutes of health (NIH) study found that men aged over 60, ED proportion (17%), ED rate was 47% in men over the age of 75.3. There are many factors that can lead to ED, multiple sclerosis and low testosterone, diabetes and heart disease, obesity and smoking, taking blood pressure medication and antidepressant drugs and psychological trauma, etc., are likely to cause ED.Along with the aging of the body, ED is very normal, like high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, most of them are can be improved by treatment.4. Drug for the treatment of ED (commonly known as "viagra") is not everybody can eat.Have heart problems (angina, chest pain, heart failure, etc.), stroke, high blood pressure or low blood pressure, kidney disease and other problems, consult your doctor before use.Viagra drugs with nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate nitrate of medicine is taken at the same time, otherwise may lead to cardiovascular risk.5. His wife can help cure ED.The study found that at least 10% of the ED is caused by the wife, when men occasionally in sexual problems, to seek his wife's understanding and compassion, couple counseling.

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