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Recommend the latest ways to make lazy person to lose weight

Guide language: the lazy man does not love to move, but can also have lazy good method reducing weight, small make up recommend a few to you today latest lazy movement law reducing weight, make you unconsciously to jilt dewlap, easy to shape. (click on the image to the next page) Lazy man diet: latest shopping spree The pleasure of shopping is a woman born. When you in and shop, dedicated to find your mind the perfect clothes, the most beautiful shoes, support your shopping energy are those burning calories! If you don't like other sports, then go Shopping, always let you see those beautiful clothes bag is not enough! Carry the spoils after back home, don't forget to stretch and massage the legs, this also can thin leg to avoid legs horizontal development well. Latest lazy diet: play at the end of the party At the end of all kinds of party, party, will wave at you, don't go home a person at home watching TV! Everybody together karaoke, play video games, playing CARDS can consume many calories, and friends together, laugh make is often the case, use up 200 calories an hour is not a problem! Latest lazy diet: transform household decoration Fixed the decoration of the tired, occasionally a change of the location of furniture, move the table and cabinets, on the wall of the blank hang a pair of decoration, etc., can bring you the feeling that find everything new and fresh, and can help you to get rid of fat! You can also go to stores to buy some new decoration and decoration, it burns calories and expanded several times! Latest lazy diet: do the housework Well, a headache to do housework again. But to clean up garbage, sweep the floor, mop the floor makes you burn 300 calories an hour oh, how, feel not so irresistible? When doing the housework, you can also play some vitality dynamic music, it will make your work faster, burn more calories, in imperceptible in, the household chores will be done. Latest lazy diet: to visit a friend Do you live in the same city, but for a long time didn't meet friends? Don't let your precious friendship because of lazy and weak. Choose a weekend to visit her, can maintain the friendship, and can help you to burn calories, why not? If you can, try to walk, can use up 260 calories an hour. Latest lazy diet: ride a bike travel Consider biking to work? This can be one of the most effective way to burn calories. Keeping pace with the current low carbon travel by bike, but also can let you save large amount of the fare, the most important thing is that, in the crowded rush hours, you don't have to in the compartment is squeezed into a "paper"! Latest lazy diet: play with pet Need movement not just yourself, look at that little cute on your feet, please. Frolicking together with your beloved pet, walking in the neighborhood, or take it to a local park or tinkling on the outskirts of rush, can make your pet more intimate with you, your waist will therefore lose many oh! Latest lazy diet: intermittent skip rope Whenever the TV to the crucial moment, there is always annoying ads out interrupt! Rather than sitting on the sofa staring blankly, take out the rope to hop on for 2 minutes, repeat 4 times, can burn 120 calories.

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