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Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice
Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice
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Details: Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice
Orange Juice slimming with Vitamin C

Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice contains Mexico Orange Fiber Extracts, which has a water-soluble pearl powder, dietary fiber, fructo-oligose, renieratene, many kinds of vitamins which is extracted through modern biotechnology techniques. It helps obese people to lose extra fat, burn excessive body fat, promote and expedite fat metabolism, remove toxins from the body and regulate the endocrine system. With the added water-soluble pearl powder and enzyme hydrolysis technology, the body will be able to absorb keratin pearls which will be transformed into the pearls of amino acids and peptides which will help reduce body fat. It also contains collagen protein and amino acid which are necessary for body, increasing your luster and beauty.

Leisure 18 slimming juice slimming products Advantage and Feature:
1. Reducing fat while strengthening immunity.

2. Reducing fat at the same time taking out a small part of energy, so leisure 18 Mango Juice added kinds of vitamins and mineral substances needed by people and can enhance body immunity, improve resistance.

3. Compound dietary fiber.

4. Lissome medical granule is a latest product for defecation, adopting the best international science fruit and vegetable fiber intestinal lavage method, compound fruit and vegetable fiber, health, high effectivenes,, "intestinal tract soft gold" called by scientist.

5. 100% fruit and vegetable formula.

6. Superior mango fiber + konjak fiber+ soy bean fiber, 100% fruit and vegetable formula, effect is to restore regular defecation, safety

7. Defecation as well as detoxification.

Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice USAGE & DOSAGE:

Put 1 sachet in 100ml cold or boiled water every morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

For people less than 180lbs, you should only take 1 sachet every morning;

For obese or those weighing more than 180lbs, you may take 1 sachet in the morning and another 1 in the afternoon.

Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice INGREDIENTS:
Mexico orange fiber
Konjak fiber
Soy bean fiber

Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice NOT for use by: children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mums.
Lissome Medical granule

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