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Leptin Powerful Slimming Patch
Leptin Powerful Slimming Patch
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Details: Leptin Powerful Slimming Patch, natural slimming is the most fast and convenient weight loss product. It has a direct effect to the body throughacupuncture points that exist in the stomach. Solve the fat deposits from under the skin to penetrate into thecentral accumulation of fat.

Leptin Powerful Slimming Patch is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It adopts absorption techniques through penetrating skin, and has direct effect on the body through acupuncture point of Shenque (abdomen). The natual slimming can adjust the balance of internal secretion, promote cell metabolism, decompose fat starting from penetrating the capillary vessel under skin to the parts of fat accumulation, and suppress the formation of fat. According to the law of fat formation, it is recommended that you should use this product at night. Because it can block the formation of fat during the fastigium of fat formulation, keep energy interchange, metabolism, and suppression of fat formation, and decompose fat broadly so that it can help to reduce weight during sleep.

Ingredients: Rosemery oxalic acid (main ingredient), Bitter Citrus Flower, Geranium, Peony, Magnolia floss, Roselle,Peach kernel, Cement Oroxyli, Lypolysin.

Model: 20packs/bag

Usage: Use best to sleep, worn on the abdomen, and open when you wake up. A day just 1 sheet.

Not Suitable For: pregnant women, nursing mothers, small children or the elderly

Shelf life: 2 years

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