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libigirl female sex enhancement pills
libigirl female sex enhancement pills
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Details: Reading that something is “designed to increase arousal, maintain a health pH, assist with sexual climax, keep you energized, and have a longer, stronger and more passionate sexual experience” really attracted our attention. This was what the Libigirl product was claiming to do, and we decided to investigate it to see how valid such bold claims were. We would consider the ingredients listed on the product packaging and also any consumer and professional opinions we could find as well in order to make a fair and reasoned argument for or against it.

How Libigirl Works and Ingredients
As soon as we hit the product homepage we realized that Libigirl was not going to be a product that could seriously deliver on its claims. Why not? The list included cranberry, damiana, muira puama, pomegranate, cordycpes, and evening primrose extracts. It really was a high vitamin supplement more than anything else. Though we knew that the damiana would work as an estrogen stimulator, and that some of the other extracts might trigger mild sexual responses, there was just no way that a single pill could contain the concentrations necessary for the results desired. In fact, the site itself says that most of the things in the formula are also in your regular daily vitamin! We decided to move on to the consumer.

Usage :Libigirl can be taken 30-60 minutes prior to sex, nonetheless, for best results get it 3-4 several hours prior to sexual activity to allow detailed digestive system.

Safeguards:1. womem beneath Eighteen years old tend to be not allowed to make use of;
2. ladies along with expecting a baby or even baby formula tend to be forbidden;
3. don’t take a lot more than 1 capsules inside Two days.Safe-keeping: put it in a very dry and cool place, keep it beyond childrens reach.
Packing : 24pills/box
Libigirl Benefits
Libigirl contains vitamins and natural supplements that our bodies need.
No detrimental effects have been reported from the use of Libigirl.
Some positive testimonials and feedback can be found among the many not-so-positive ones.
Libigirl Drawbacks
No scientific proof that Libigirl works as a sexual enhancer for women.
Plenty of negative or at least ambivalent reports and feedback.
Libigirl is fairly expensive at around $5 per pill; especially if you compare it with your typical multi-vitamin.

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