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Male Plant Strong Genital sex pills big box
Male Plant Strong Genital sex pills big box
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Details: Male Plant Strong Genital

Adopt internationally advanced ion separation technology to maximize the extraction of active ingredients of sex drugs. In ensuring testicular maintenance efficacy under the premise of effectively and comprehensively enhance the human body hormone levels, access to better combat effectiveness and more sexual desire, while increasing the hardness of the penis enhancement, so that a more lasting erection, more rigid and effective sex extension of time to thoroughly solve the problem of premature ejaculation.

[Ingredients]: many kinds of herbal essence
[Mechanism of Action]:This product is a long-acting testosterone preparations, has significant activity of the androgen, protein assimilation and has the function of stimulating the bone marrow hematopoietic, promoting the growth of blood cells and creating sperm.
[Indications]:Adaptation in male sexual dysfunction testosterone replacement therapy, chronic aplastic anemia.
[Range of application]:Functional impotence, premature ejaculation, prostatitis caused by neurasthenia or mental, secondary impotence caused by diabetes.
[Caution]: Minors used with caution, within 24 hours may not re-use, once if erection couldnt stop, please drink cool water for remission.
[Usage and dosage]: take one capsule 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.
[Storage method]: sealed, keep in a cool, dry place.
[Specification]: 3300mg*6tablets/box (8packs as one big box)
[Shelf life]: 3 years

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