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Natural foot detox slimming patch
Natural foot detox slimming patch
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Details: Natural foot detox patch :

Main ingredients: anion,early shell element, vitamin C, orange essence oil, natural bamboo extract, natural mineral powder pure ,natural plant powder, etc.

Main function: it can promote the blood circulation, accelerate metabolism activate cells, improve the vital functions of five, eliminate foot fatigue.Soothing tendon dispelling damp, strong kidney, eliminate swelling, relieve pain, help sleep, improve sleep quality,Get rid of toxins.romote the function of the lymphatic system, improve human immune force.
Unused patch to put in the bag, seal custody; As far as possible away from direct sunlight or high temperature, put them in a cool, dry place ; When used by children, adult should guide; If appear red, itchy and so on abnormal condition when use, please stop using, and consult skin experts; pregnant women dont use it .

Suitable group:
Beauty, constipation, frail elderly, obesity, mental atrophy, smoking and alcohol use, long time standing workers, job stress and mental pressure. Use scope: plantar corresponding acupuncture points; Posted on the site directly, such as joints, palm, the waist, shoulder, back and leg weakness, foot fatigue, muscle strain.

Packing : 20pcs/box (10 times using)
Method of use:
1. Clean the feet

2.Torn the bigger sticker,put one side with printed”detoxificaion”on the fabric .

3. shake detox powder which in the packs . fixed sticker which is smaller side on the fabrics .

4.Once or twice a day, Use it before sleeping , take them off after 6 to 7 hours , then clean the skin .

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