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Slender waist eliminate belly pill abdomen smoothing
Slender waist eliminate belly pill abdomen smoothing
  • Model: 400 mg/grain * 18 grain * 2 boxe
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Details: lender waist eliminate belly pill, Kending diet pills

Main Ingredients: Konjac flour, oligosaccharide, malt, chitin, tuckahoe, dietary fiber.

1, Without dieting: This product contains konjac powder, chitin and other people after taking the “satiety” and resist overeating.

2, Lose weight quickly: in less body at the same time, mad by the thighs, hips, waist and abdomen, fat more parts.

3, To facilitate the taking: Kending diet pills use the latest modern supercritical CO2 extraction technology, and concentrated 100% natural plant extracts, only serving a one day.

4, Detoxification beauty: in the diet at the same time, the body of excess toxins excreted, the effect of detoxification beauty.

5, Do not rebound: taking a course as long as the terms of the general weight loss, obesity or high degree of obesity to be two or three courses, when the ideal weight is reached, every two to three days to eat one until the body adapt to and then stop taking it to prevent a rebound.

Appropriate crowd:
1, overweight and obesity, adolescent obesity and obesity after delivery. Especially suitable for commonly known as the pail waist, general thestomach, elephant leg symptoms such as obese people.
2, the person who has constipation, acne, face stain.

[storage method] keep place in a cool dry place.

[Specification] 400 mg/grain * 18 grain * 2 boxes

[Shelf life] 24 months


1. This product contains the medicated soap, some people will be taken after a dry mouth, mild fatigue, sleep time and other phenomena, just drink plenty of water or taking to the previous six days the next day.

2. pregnant women, lactating women, children can not take.

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