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Slim-1 slimming capsule
Slim-1 slimming capsule
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Details: Slim-1 claims to boost weight loss, block conversion of food into fat and promote appetite reduction. These claims are made by nearly every weight loss supplement sold on the market today, but few can live up to these claims with clinically proven ingredients. Some supplements are formulated with dangerous ingredients that cause negative side effects or interactions with prescription medications. The ingredient list for Slim-1 contains a few interesting names that are not common in fat burners and weight loss supplements in the United States.

Perilla Leaf Extract
Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome Extract
Tuckahoe Extract
Cassia Seed Extract
Medical Amylum

[Product Features]:
Perilla leaf extract has been clinically tested for weight loss benefits. In one animal study published on the National Institutes of Health PubMed website, animals fed a high-fat diet laced with Perilla leaf extract were less likely to gain weight. Cholesterol levels were not as high in the Perilla group as the standard and high-fat diet groups. However, this simply means that Perilla leaf extract prevents weight gain, not that it improves weight loss.
Tuckahoe extract is a natural diuretic commonly used to treat water retention. There is a chance this ingredient could also cause a laxative effect for some dieters. There is no connection between Tuckahoe and weight loss.
Cassia seed extract is a laxative. It will cause increased bowel movements and water loss. If the dieter is taking prescription medications it is important not to take Slim-1 within two to four hours of taking prescription medications. Laxatives force waste out of the body before vitamins, nutrients and medications can be fully absorbed.
Medical amylum is a starch product. The creators of Slim-1 could include this ingredient as a filler to reduce appetite, though we found no connection between medical amylum and weight loss.


1. Extracted by nature herbs. No side effects, no rebound.

2. Reduce the risk of high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes

[Specification]: 350mg* 30caps

[Usage & Dosage]:

Take one capsule with water, one time a day with main meal containing fat.


Store in cool (room temperature), dry, and dark condition.


1) Not applicable for women in pregnancy or lactation period
2) Used with caution during menstruation and post-natal
3) Used with caution for people who have gastrointestinal inflammation.

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