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v26 slimming coffee
v26 slimming coffee
  • Model: 10 g/bag * 26 bag
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Details: v26 slimming coffee pure natural weight loss coffee

The digestion of the fat fatty acid product, single triglyceride, glycerin form the negatively charged material, thin body coffee into the stomach In liquid form the positively charged colloid, balanced distribution in the digestive juices, met the fat that play a strong digestion immediately Ion adsorption effect, produce the massive complex. At this moment of fat things disappear fat has been V26 lose weight coffee glial bag Wrap, not through the bowel wall can't be absorbed, absorb fat in food and to blockade, block of small intestine. It to control the body absorb calories, so as to achieve the thin body effect. Second, strengthen the burning, regulating metabolism.

How does V26 Coffee work?
V26 slimming coffee also contains a variety of active substances to promote the mobilization of fat, which can effectively bring the body into fat cells for energy storage heat fat cells, accelerate the rate of body fat, regulate metabolism the right degrees, the metabolism of fat consumed from the reserve is greater than Status pull to consume more than the state of reserves and gradually adjust to the consumption of fat reserves and the basic balance, so that an appropriate degree of metabolism to achieve the best condition.

v26 slimming coffee pure natural weight loss coffee

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[Main ingredients]: Germany virgin forest black coffee, cane HuangGuo (CHA), DuoZhong vitamins, DuoZhong amino acids

[Specification]: 10 g/bag * 26 bag

[Taking method]: Once a day, each time one bag, half an hour before breakfast, drinking empty stomach drinks

Drink more water after. Shelf life: 24 months

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