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wholesale Yong gang Sex Pills 8pills Yonggang
wholesale Yong gang Sex Pills 8pills Yonggang
  • Model: 750mg x 2tablets x 4boards/box
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Details: Yonggang sex pills :

The main raw material: longspur epimedium, schisandra fruit, Chinese yam ginseng, barbary wolfberry fruit yellow fine.
Landmark composition and content: every 100g contains: coarse polysaccharide 744 mg, 449 mg of total saponin

Yong Effects:

Boosts endurance and erection stiffness
Improves energy source & intimacy
Reduces depressive disorders
Regains energy

Long-lasting efficiency Restores vitality

YongGang Elements:

every single teplmedium 20%, schisandra fruit15%,

morinda officinalis20%, porla 10%,

Chinese yam 15%,

ginseng 5%,

wolfberry berry 5%,

polygonatum sibiricum 10%

This product is a healthcare food made of the main raw materials, such as Epimedium,Schisandra Fruit, Morinda Officinalis,Poria, Chinese Yam, Ginseng,Wolfberry Fruit, Polygonatum Sibiricum. It is approval by the State Food and Drug Administration of China that this product possesses the healthcare function to relief the fatigue of body.
[Main Raw Materials]Medlar, Chinese Yam, Rhizome of Siberian Solomonseal,Epimeddium, Schisandra Fruit, Ginseng.
[Healthcare function]Relief the fatigue of body.
[Adaptive Crowd]People easy to feel tired.
[Unsuitable Crowd]Children and Juvenile.
[Usage] 1-2 tablets for each time to be taken orally.
Specifications: 750mg x 2tablets x 4boards/box

[Approval Document No.]GSJZ G20060046
[Expiration]24 Months from the date of production.
[Storage]Keep in cool and dry place after sealed.
[Notice]This product cannot substitute for other medicine.

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